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I’ve completely neglected this blog since my sabbatical ended three years ago, but it’s time to boot it back up and start using it both to share what I’m doing with others, and to “think out loud” for myself.

My current work is focused on three primary areas:

First, I’m continuing to work on defining the interaction and overlap between the fields of games and tourism, particularly in the context of geolocal (aka location-based) and augmented reality games, and historical and cultural contexts. In the spring of 2018 I brought nine students from RIT’s Rochester campus to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a semester-long study abroad experience that included two classes focused on games and tourism. As a part of that class, the students created a prototype of a location-based narrative game intended to help tourists explore more of Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas. Based on that work, the students have gone on to refine the application and create a new version of the game for use on the RIT campus. Our hope is to procure funding to further develop and refine the application, and to use it to create a mobile version of RIT’s successful Picture the Impossible game from 2009.

Second, I’m working with colleagues in both game design and development, and digital humanities, to explore the potential of overlay journals to address the challenges facing highly multi-disciplinary fields.

And finally, I’m writing and speaking more informally about my use of (relatively) new collaborative technologies to support and enhance my teaching, including GitHub for publishing course materials, Slack for enhancing class communication, and Trello for keeping student groups organized and on track.

Because I find that I’m most productive when I push myself to write about what I’m doing, I’m going to try to start posing here on a much more regular basis. We’ll see how that goes…

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